Collection: The Actual First Y&T Graphic Bass Drum Head That I Toured With From 2007 through 2010!

This Stunning, One-Of-A-Kind 24" Remo Bass Drum Head, signed by the band, with logo designed by Phil Kennemore & Jill Meniketti, is the actual first Y&T printed graphic bass drum head that I toured with early on all the way through to the Facemelter tour, 2007 through 2010.

I used this before my Yamaha endorsement, including when my wrist was broken. When I got the endorsement I put a Yamaha sticker on it and put a remo sticker on the bottom, so it's got personalized character. It's also in my social media profile picture with the Yamaha logo photo shopped in since I didn't have the endorsement at the time.

This bass drum head has a lot of history being on stage at so many of my early shows. I've been caring it as my back up in my drum head box since 2010.

The cost is $2495. If you will be attending one of our upcoming California dates I can re-imburse you the shipping caosts and bring it to the show.

*Note: Shipping price includes insurance on $2500 USD.